Sunday 12 March 2017

The Paradoxical nature of Rewards and Sales!

Sales are in sync with surprises and susceptibilities. Think about your last tryst with that luring online voucher you receive at the till, the highly rewarding email from one of your coveted fashion outlets or the student or loyalty discount you are entitled to regardless of the current shopping seasons.

One of the above and many other scenarios have always been an occurrence in the life of a Fashion Girl or a casual shopper especially during Paydays, Thanksgiving and Christmas or the very hyped Cyber Mondays. What’s the catch behind those lust worthy deals and pampering? Plain and simple- customer loyalty, creation of savings in the name of the outlets and the art of skilfully curbing competitors.

While rewards, sales and customer loyalty programmes work well for the customer. It works as a rewarding commercially viable strategy for fashion outlets globally in primarily two aspects- inventory clearance and customer acquisition for an undefined period.  

To make the best use of sales and rewards, be an active reader to all those subscriptions, observe a trend pattern in these rewards; GOOGLE is your best friend in this department or better yet, ask a very fashion forward acquaintance to make room for the most drool worthy customised wardrobe stemmed from the editorial sections of   Cosmo and Vogue.

Tuesday 11 October 2016

A fashionable dose of Tarot!

September and October is not just Libra season, but also, fashion season, at least officially.

Quite noticeably yet very underrated in disposition; Couture has been establishing a bond with The world of Tarot. Every Carrie Bradshaw who is well aware of what the runway has to offer does at some point of time wonder the beautiful yet unconventional illustrations on the highly drool worthy Chanel and Gucci gowns.

These illustrations are obviously that of Tarot cards but the connection depicts the state of mind of the creator of the dress and its soon to be beholder. It’s quite a known fact that Tarot is The Hermit (pun intended) and not The Wheel of Fortune (pun intended, again) Yet, a sizeable market lies in the fashion industry.

Every Rebecca Bloomwood sees a connection with the latest collection on display. Since most of her fashion bucket list have attributions to Tarot she is very most likely to opt for what she primarily identifies with. Say she is piqued by the illustrations of ‘Ace of Cups’; the card has a deep rooted connection with her life.

Not just Rebecca Bloomwood or Carrie Bradshaw or even Miranda but every single human’s life is the interpretation of a Tarot card, all you have to do is find your card and understand your life.

Thursday 14 July 2016

Personify Your Closet!

The relationship between price and commendation is baseless. In fact, a mirage. Think about it; will your limited edition orange lips look better than your conventional blood red lips? I would say give it a very serious thought.

If your answer is in the affirmative of the former; be my guest and raid the Sephora sale and invite yourself to a luxury loyalty society and if your answer conforms to the latter, make a list of every daily use product listed on your favourite editor’s blog and scout for the same. 

Being confused about it makes your life as easy as flipping pages of a telephone directory. Sometimes, confusion is sans chaos.

Connect with your style reveries and figure out what you really need. Style, fashion, beauty, lifestyle and grooming are required to be dealt without a handbook. In fact, your reveries are to be considered as a handbook.

Just like every home as an addressee, every garment and accessory has a rightful pre-determined proprietor.

 You don’t alter your closet from time to time, you invest time to design it. :-)